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kay I got to post this because I feel seriously stupid. Me and my cousin become very stupid stoners while stoned. With other people i'm not like that but with him I guess we bring out the ignorance in each other or something idk. we have fun so it's all good tho... anyway- we got stoned and decided to go over to a friends house and finely got his sister to drive us over there so in the car it's like this:

US: in the back talking about things i really do not remember but i do know one of them was about chicken and teeth [because we both live on farms and apparently scientists tweaked the genes of normal chickens to grow teeth and I want a mutant chicken.]
Unstoned Cousin: Looks at us. *Hey ya'll look at that. Is that the moon up there?*
Us: *Look up for a min.* and as if on cue at the same time we both scream out a mouth full of obscenities.

because yes, if you have not guessed that was not the moon that was the sun, the freaking sun we just looked at. My cousin starts screaming "am i trippin or am i blind oh god" over and over the one that's driving pulls over like banishes us from the car screams out "Your stoned you can walk yourself there idiots"  and pulls off. so we end up lighting a joint (cause he's like freaking houdini with weed) and walking to our friends house where THEN the freaking tv starts with us. Some tv show or ad or something ikd what it was but it kept saying "Look around you" so we're sitting there like idoits LOOKING around us untill our friend is like "umm ya'll your not REALLY suppose to look..."

oh yeah and sup ;]

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