January 17th, 2009


Real life stoner quotes.

"Woaw, we just pulled a bush-style pre-emptive strike on the munchies man"
-- My Friend F, after coming back from the corner store with 20 bucks worth of random stuff (pre-smoke)

Also, since my name's Dave, F actually has a "Dave's not here" ringtone for when I'm calling him on his phone. Ahh friends.


this is a super idea. and Ive already got one. it still makes me laugh every now and again..

put on my pants one night to roll over to a friends house (to smoke more of course!) I reach in my back pocket and low and behold.. $10 SCORE!!..
thats the start of a great night
Im in the bathroom a little while later, reach into my sweatshirt pocket and, no fuckin' way.. $10 more! I cant believe it. jumping up and down commences. and then... to self "thats the same $10 dummy, you stuck it in yo' other pocket".. jumping up and down ends in shame.

smoke on foolz

btw. kaite - 21, student/FT worker-supporting myself!, weed connoisseur, asheville, NC
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