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 Got so high that I accidently ate the plastic cling wrap chilling on my cookie at work.
I was met with a delightful explosion of chocolate chip & chewwy plastic goodness. I was sooooo conflicted. Tastes so good yet.....trickery :(.

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kay I got to post this because I feel seriously stupid. Me and my cousin become very stupid stoners while stoned. With other people i'm not like that but with him I guess we bring out the ignorance in each other or something idk. we have fun so it's all good tho... anyway- we got stoned and decided to go over to a friends house and finely got his sister to drive us over there so in the car it's like this:

US: in the back talking about things i really do not remember but i do know one of them was about chicken and teeth [because we both live on farms and apparently scientists tweaked the genes of normal chickens to grow teeth and I want a mutant chicken.]
Unstoned Cousin: Looks at us. *Hey ya'll look at that. Is that the moon up there?*
Us: *Look up for a min.* and as if on cue at the same time we both scream out a mouth full of obscenities.

because yes, if you have not guessed that was not the moon that was the sun, the freaking sun we just looked at. My cousin starts screaming "am i trippin or am i blind oh god" over and over the one that's driving pulls over like banishes us from the car screams out "Your stoned you can walk yourself there idiots"  and pulls off. so we end up lighting a joint (cause he's like freaking houdini with weed) and walking to our friends house where THEN the freaking tv starts with us. Some tv show or ad or something ikd what it was but it kept saying "Look around you" so we're sitting there like idoits LOOKING around us untill our friend is like "umm ya'll your not REALLY suppose to look..."

oh yeah and sup ;]

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that chronic

i be smokin weed everyday every hour twice an hour shit i dont even know lol.  Well anyways i be havin that weed in case any of yall be livin in new york prefforably on long island since i be havin that fire ass chronic ya heard.  But seriously i really do have that ill weed and if anyone wants to burn one day that would be sweet since my friends aer boring anyway.

Is the refrigerator working?

My sister woke me up to get high before she left for work. Afterwords I got cottonmouth really bad so I went to the refrigerator to get a glass of tea. Well we were out of ice so I didn't put ice in it like I usually do. I took a drink and it was really warm. I asked my sister if the refridgerator was working. She was laughing at me and said my step mom just made tea that morning, usually she made it the night before. wow.
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I hate smoking when I'm high, It never works out for me well. I light it and then I spend so much time talking and being high that my smoke goes out and I keep trying to smoke it not realizing it's actually not lit. It makes me so mad haha.

Herro :3

Well i'm Rosie.. been smoking for 4+ years. and in those years ive been though a lot. lol.

One story i can remember, and this one is recent.
I was hanging out with a friend, Tony and my old bestfriend Kimberly. it's been months since we all smoked together.. and thats just a moment i had to write about.. lol see if you knew me, you'd know how i felt about my ex bestfriend.

well i know that wasn't a very good story, but it meant a lot to me.
i felt i needed to write it somewhere.
i'll be off. and trust me, i'll have better stoner memories next time.. its just that right now i'm too sober.. lol
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this is a super idea. and Ive already got one. it still makes me laugh every now and again..

put on my pants one night to roll over to a friends house (to smoke more of course!) I reach in my back pocket and low and behold.. $10 SCORE!!..
thats the start of a great night
Im in the bathroom a little while later, reach into my sweatshirt pocket and, no fuckin' way.. $10 more! I cant believe it. jumping up and down commences. and then... to self "thats the same $10 dummy, you stuck it in yo' other pocket".. jumping up and down ends in shame.

smoke on foolz

btw. kaite - 21, student/FT worker-supporting myself!, weed connoisseur, asheville, NC
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Real life stoner quotes.

"Woaw, we just pulled a bush-style pre-emptive strike on the munchies man"
-- My Friend F, after coming back from the corner store with 20 bucks worth of random stuff (pre-smoke)

Also, since my name's Dave, F actually has a "Dave's not here" ringtone for when I'm calling him on his phone. Ahh friends.